Oxford Energy Society | Solar-chemical manufacturing

  • Start  Tuesday 20 Nov 2018 5:30pm
  • Finish    Tuesday 20 Nov 2018 6:30pm
  • Venue  School of Geography and Environment Lecture theatre

Chemical manufacturing is responsible for 26% of the world energy demand.

The need to decouple industrial processes from fossil energy sources is growing more and moreurgent in the struggle to mitigate climate change whilst meeting increasedglobal energy demand.

The industry requires large amounts of heat derived from fossil sources to drive thermochemical processes. Emerging electrochemical processes which require electricity rather than heat, have continued to gain traction as an avenue towards the integration of renewable energy sources in the chemical industry. Electrochemical processes directly interconvert clean electricity, from solar or wind, into chemical energy and high-value products.

This presentation will discuss opportunities in clean chemical manufacturing through the design of electrochemical reactors fuelled by solar energy. Solar-chemical processes for the production ofclean fuels and textiles will also be discussed, as well as their potential disruptive impact in markets ranging from transportation to fashion.

There will be a Q&A after the talk which should be around 40 minutes. The room will be free to use for networking and further discussion until 7pm, over Pizza provided by the society.

This talk will be given by Miguel A. Modestino, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, New YorkUniversity who heads the start-up Sunthetics, which is currently working to commercialise his lab groups technologies.

As usual talks are freefor members and £2 otherwise (but we promise this a good deal for your pizza/knowledge intake)

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