Navigating Net Zero: Understanding the Role of Hydrogen

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  • Start  Monday 20 May 2024 2:00pm
  • Finish    Monday 20 May 2024 3:00pm
  • Venue  Online

Join UKRI for their myth busting webinar series, running 20 May – 16 July 2024, ‘Navigating Net Zero: Understanding the Role of Hydrogen’, as they uncover the latest innovations and case studies across the hydrogen supply chain working to accelerate the UK’s pathway to Net Zero.

With hydrogen playing a crucial role in achieving Net Zero, these sessions will provide valuable insights into its potential impacts, unpack common misconceptions and provide a forum for knowledge sharing. More importantly, the focus is on creating a ‘marketplace’ for hydrogen by connecting end users to the solution providers.

Spanning academia, local authorities, innovators and industry, each session offers a unique perspective on the journey towards adopting hydrogen, including the challenges and opportunities it presents. While sessions are grouped by stakeholder groups, all are welcome to attend and can benefit from the discussions.

Further details and dates and times here.

The webinars will also be utilised to receive live feedback to inform future programs to support UK businesses and stakeholders.

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