Man-made Earthquakes and the Energy Transition

Profesor Ruben Juanes

  • Start  Friday 01 Mar 2024 2:00pm
  • Finish    Friday 01 Mar 2024 3:00pm
  • Venue  Thom Building, Engineering Science
  • Postcode OX1 3PG


While the most devastating earthquakes are of tectonic origin, human activities have been associated with the triggering of earthquakes that have caused substantial economic damage and societal concern. Critical gaps remain in our ability to understand and, more importantly, mitigate, the occurrence of induced earthquakes.

This lecture will discuss some of Prof. Juanes work employing contrasting approaches to help fill these gaps, from minimal-ingredients spring-slider models that account for poroelasticity to sophisticated Multiphysics computational models that integrate disparate datasets and have succeeded at setting management strategies that prevent earthquakes while allowing subsurface operations in a tectonically active field.

He will also discuss how the lessons learned from these analyses may inform subsurface climate-change mitigation technologies like geological carbon sequestration and hydrogen geostorage.

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