Learning across global regions: Comparing climate marketcraft in developing countries

Dr Jose Maria Valenzuela, University of Oxford

  • Start  Wednesday 20 Sep 2023 2:00pm
  • Finish    Wednesday 20 Sep 2023 4:00pm

Local climate action benefits from learning across national cases, as there are valuable opportunities to look at recent experiences on policy and institutional design, and implementation. Novel experiences of economic reconfiguration and innovation in developing countries are rarely taken as models for extrapolation, and when comparisons occur amongst developing countries, these are mostly within regions. In this Oxford Net Zero webinar, an expert panel led by Dr Jose Maria Valenzuela will focus on one role of state action: the making and reshaping of markets or marketcraft through industrial, regulatory, and investment policies. The panel will discuss the practice of comparison and extrapolation: What do we gain from expanding the scope of comparison and what tools can be used? What should we have in mind when drawing conclusions from across cases? What examples of successful marketcraft should get our attention in developing countries?

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