Energy Seminar – week 4: Title: Climate, Energy and Affordable Housing Solutions: new buildings and retrofits.

Jonathan F.P. Rose - speaking in person

Jonathan F.P. Rose

Jonathan F.P. Rose, a leader of the green building movement in the United States will present his work bringing energy and climate reducing strategies to affordable housing in the USA.

Jonathan’s firm received global recognition for its model green affordable housing project, Via Verde, developed in 2012 in New York City’s South Bronx. The project became a model for green affordable/ middle income housing. Ten years later, the firm has just opened the first phase of Sendero Verde, a mixed use/ mixed income community that has just been certified as the largest passive house project outside of Europe.  The firm is also one of the largest purchasers of existing affordable housing and the application of  green retrofits.  Jonathan will describe the strategies the guided the development of each, and lessons learned along the way.


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