Energy Seminar – Week 3: Winning the Energy Transition

Chris Nelder, xenetwork

Chris Nelder, creator and host of the Energy Transition Show podcast


Summary: Researchers focusing on the energy transition, as well as the journalists and podcasters who cover them, risk focusing too much on the facts of climate science and the portfolio of technology solutions that can effectuate the energy transition, while missing the vitally important context of realpolitik and political economy in which we all operate.

In this seminar, Chris Nelder, host and creator of the Energy Transition Show podcast, shares some observations from his eight years and over 200 episodes of interviewing energy and climate researchers and experts from all over the world. He will highlight some of the key considerations that are necessary to make the energy transition successful, but which may not come naturally to researchers and communicators, including: how to influence and persuade policymakers; the war of narratives about our climate future; the challenges of the “mid-transition”; corruption and regulatory capture; “unglamorous solutions”; why we much deliberately center distributed energy and “just transition” objectives; and the challenges of the political context.

Speaker: Chris Nelder is the creator and host of the Energy Transition Show podcast, and a full-time peripatetic podcaster. Chris has written about energy transition for more than 15 years. He is the author of two books on energy and investing, as well as more than 200 articles on energy in publications such as Nature, Scientific American, Slate, The Atlantic, Quartz, Financial Times, Greentech Media, and SmartPlanet. Prior to taking the podcast on the road full time, he headed the EV-grid Integration team for five years in the Mobility practice at RMI in Boulder, Colorado. He enjoys bantering with other energy geeks on Mastodon at


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