Energy Seminar – Week 2: Targeting Transformation of the World’s Energy Supply with the Most Practical Path to Commercial Fusion Energy

Myles Hildebrand, General Fusion

  • Start  Tuesday 17 Oct 2023 5:00pm
  • Finish    Tuesday 17 Oct 2023 6:30pm
  • Venue  Dyson Perrins Building
  • Postcode OX1 3AN
Myles Hildebrand, General Fusion


Summary: This talk will explain Magnetized Target Fusion, how it draws on concepts from both magnetic and inertial confinement fusion and sidesteps the traditional barriers to commercial fusion. A brief overview of past experimental success will be provided along with a description of General Fusion’s future plans on their path to commercialization. General Fusion’s numerous strategic partnerships will also be detailed.

Speaker: Myles Hildebrand Director, Strategic Partnerships studied at McGill University, earning an M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, working on an Implosion Driven Launcher that used explosives to push well-characterized projectiles to 10 km/s. Myles began working at General Fusion in 2016 on the development of a novel explosive plasma compression scheme. Following that, he has worked in many different areas of the company including neutron diagnostics, Bayesian magnetic reconstruction and various other plasma diagnostics. Myles is currently responsible for external collaborations with research institutions, national labs, universities, and industrial partners around the world. In this position, he ensures that all General Fusion’s partnerships create value from a combination of strategic importance and progression of the technical development of magnetized target fusion. He is deeply involved with the technical team to ensure the execution of General Fusion’s entire technology roadmap is being assisted by external partners wherever possible.

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