Changing Urban Transport: Why Oxford and Other UK Cities Are Experimenting With Controversial Policies

Professor Tim Schwanen (Transport Studies Unit University of Oxford )

  • Start  Saturday 23 Sep 2023 2:00pm
  • Finish    Saturday 23 Sep 2023 3:30pm

Tim’s research concentrates on the geographies of the everyday mobilities of people, goods and information. It is international in outlook, interdisciplinary in scope, informed by the thinking in various sub-disciplines within Geography, and organised around five more general concerns: Low-carbon mobilities and cities – innovation and experimentation, transformations, politics and governance, justice; Futures and temporality – sociotechnical transitions, path dependency, habit, rhythm, resilience, vulnerability; Social and spatial inequality – age, gender, the role of mobility and infrastructure; Well-being – conceptualisations, relationships with mobility and place, politics; Philosophy of transport and mobility – history of thought and praxis, new concepts and modes of thinking.

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