9th Oxford Energy Day: Sustainable Local Energy Systems

Event was on Tuesday 29 Sep 2020Online

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Programme details

All timings and content subject to change. Please note that a full programme will be circulated to all registrants along with a zoom link on Monday, 28th September.

September 29, 2020Welcome and introductions

  • 09.40   Zoom room opens for delegates
  • 09.55   Welcome: Director, Oxford Energy, Nick Eyre
  •                 &  Facilitator: Paul Thistlethwaite
  • 10.10   Check-in session (delegates in small groups)

September 29, 2020Morning session: Going local – what do we need at the national level?

Going local implies more action at a local level, but that will need encouragement and support for a national level. This session includes speakers working on how that might be achieved. What action is needed to support key industries, such as solar photovoltaics and energy efficiency in buildings? What does government need to do itself? And how can it promote a bigger role for local government and community action?

  • Chair Roger Harrabin, BBC
  • 10.20  Introductory speakers:
    • Patrick Allcorn, BEIS, Head of Local Energy
    • Eric Brown, Energy System Catapult, Chief Technology Officer
  • 11.00 Break (10 minutes)
  • 11.10  Panel session
    • Chris Hewitt, Solar Trade Association, Increasing local generation
    • Simon Roberts, CSE, Local approaches to demand reduction
    • Emma Bridge, Community Energy England, Community initiatives
    • Rebecca Ford, Energy Rev, Demonstrating new local approaches
    • Polly Billington, UK100, Local authorities and sustainable energy
  • 12.00  Breakout session: How might we increase uptake of local energy solutions?
  • 12.50    Lunch (60 minutes)

September 29, 2020Afternoon session: Going local – how might we act locally?

Oxford has a diverse local energy sector, with nationally funded projects and a range of local and community initiatives, all seeking to contribute to ambitious climate goals. This session will hear from leading actors based in local government, the community energy sector, major demonstrations projects, research and the University of Oxford.

  • Chair James Painter, Reuters Institute
  • 13.50  Introductory speaker:
  • Barbara Hammond, Low Carbon Hub, CEO
  • 14.10  Breakout session: How might we increase uptake of local energy solutions?
  • 15.00  Break (10 minutes)
  • 15.10  Panel session: What are we doing in Oxford?
    • Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council, Oxford’s Response to the Climate Emergency
    • Harriet Waters, University of Oxford, University of Oxford’s plans for Zero Carbon
    • Kelsey Devine, Piclo Energy, A local energy market for Oxfordshire
  • 16.10  Closing remarks, Deputy Director, Phil Grunewald

Presenters, Panellists and Speakers