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People: Storage

Simon Aldridge

Professor of Main Group Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen storage by lighter Main group hydrides, in particular catalysis of the processes of hydrogen evolution/uptake.

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Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair of Materials

Contact Person Storage
Storage: Batteries, including new electrode and electrolyte materials, interfaces, mechanisms
Transport: Batteries
Electricity Networks: Storage

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Bill David

Professor of Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage with a particular emphasis on lightweight, reversible systems. Modelling ionic diffusion in hydrogen storage systems, batteries and fuel-cell electrodes.
Transport: Hydrogen provision for fuel-cell electric vehicles
Electricity Networks: Chemical storage based on hydrogen

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Peter Edwards

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Contact Person Petrochemicals
Solar: Transparent conducting coatings for solar cells; solar chemical fuels from CO2
Fossil Fuels: Sustainability in the modern petrochemical industry
Bioenergy: Algae jet biofuel
Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage materials

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Jose Goicoechea

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Fossil Fuels: Catalysis, fuel generation and combustion product transformation; carbon dioxide activation

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Patrick Grant

Vesuvius Professor of Materials

Storage: novel manufacture of supercapacitor and battery electrodes
Nuclear: processing of advanced metallics for fusion and fission
Transport: manufacture of high temperature aeroengine materials and lightweight airframe alloys

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Philipp Grünewald

EPSRC Fellow

Demand and Efficiency: demand response, load profiles, flexibility
Economics, Policy & Politics: low carbon transition, strategic policy development
Electricity Networks: integration of low carbon sources, curtailment, reinforcement
Storage: techno-economic modelling in future systems, market and system value, stakeholder attitudes, policy and regulation

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Mike Hayward

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Storage: Electrolytes for supercapacitors, batteries and oxide fuel cells. Fluoride ion batteries. New superconductors.

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David Howey

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Storage: Battery modelling and diagnostics
Transport: electric motors, condition monitoring, thermal management
Energy in Developing Countries: Off-grid systems

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Wei Huang

Associate Professor

Bioenergy: Synthetic biology, biofuels, CO2, SimCells
Demand and Efficiency: Biofuels
Solar: Synthetic biology
Storage: Biofuels

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Nick Jelley

Professor and Tutor in Physics

Solar: Solar concentrator for cooking; power generation
Energy in Developing Countries: Solar concentrator for cooking; power generation
Storage: Thermal

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Angus Johnston

Professor of Law

Economics, Policy & Politics: Legal requirements, law and policy on electricy markets
Fossil Fuels: Law and decision-making
Nuclear: Subsidies and legal rules
Storage: Legal rules and regulators
Demand and Efficiency: Legal regimes, rules and incentives
Solar: Rules and policies

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Colin Johnston

Senior Research Fellow

Transport: advanced power trains, power electronics, batteries, high temperature electronics, electronic packaging
Storage: electrochemical, scalable processing, capacitors, supercaps
Electricity Networks: power electronics

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Tim Kruger

James Martin Fellow, Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Geoengineering, carbon pricing
Marine: Ocean alkalinity enhancement
Nuclear: Storing nuclear heat
Electricity Networks: energy storage
Storage: ‘Chemical pump storage’
Bioenergy: Reducing water requirements for biofuel production

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Vladimir Kuznetsov

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Solar: Transparent conducting oxides
Storage: Hydrogen storage materials
Demand and Efficiency: Hydrogen economy, thermoelectric materials
Fossil Fuels: Catalysts for CO2 reduction

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Bruce Levell

Visiting Professor

Fossil Fuels: Resource availibility and location
Storage: Sub-surface
Economics, Policy & Politics: Incumbent energy companies and their role in the energy transition

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Ho-Yin Mak

Associate Professor in Management Science

Solar Energy: adoption, marketing and incentives


Storage: capacity planning, investment and integration with renewable energy


Transport: electric vehicles (infrastructure planning and adoption), alternative business models (e.g., car sharing)

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Mike Mason

Bioenergy: Improving efficiency of anaerobic digestion plant
Energy in Developing Countries: Using semi arid land to grow energy crops
Storage: Using biogas storage to complement wind and solar energy

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Malcolm McCulloch

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Transport: electric motors, power train, well to wheels analysis
Electricity Networks: monitoring stress on the grid
Storage: thermal
Energy in Developing Countries: smart user-centric local systems

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Charles Monroe


Storage and Transport

Demand and Efficiency

Electricity Networks: storage for potential applications to grids in response to increasing penetration of renewables

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Andreas Muench

Reader in Applied Mathematics

Solar: Modelling of production of organic solar cells from polymer solutions
Storage: Modelling of fabrication process for nano-structured materials for batteries

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Michael A. Osborne

Dyson Associate Professor in Machine Learning

Electricity Networks: Smart Electricity Tariffs and Load Shifting
Storage: Machine Learning Approaches to Battery Management
Solar: Solar Photo-voltaic Prediction

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Mauro Pasta

Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow of Materials at St Edmund Hall

Storage and Transport

Materials chemistry and electrochemistry applied to energy storage and conversion devices. In particular:

  • Energy storage: Li and Na-ion batteries, ultracapacitors, supercapacitors.
  • Energy conversion: power from salinity gradients (blue energy), seawater desalination and delithiation.
  • Electrocatalysis: organic molecules electroxidation, ORR and HER reactions, carbon dioxide sequestration and electroreduction.

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Dan Rogers


Electricity Networks: Power electronic systems for smart girds; high-voltage direct current transmission systems and converters.

Storage and Transport: Grid interfaces for large-scale energy storage systems, battery management systems

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Jonathan Stern

Chairman and Senior Research Fellow of the Natural Gas Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Gas pricing, utility regulation
Energy in Developing Countries: Asia
Fossil Fuels: Gas pricing
Demand and Efficiency

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Jamie Warner

Professor of Materials

Solar: novel transparent electrodes from graphene, boron nitride and metal sulphides, atomic level material characterisation
Demand and Efficiency: nano-materials for light emitting displays, materials and processes for improved device performance
Storage: electrode materials for batteries and fuel-cells

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