Oxford Energy Colloquia

Term Time – Tuesdays 5pm, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PY (unless otherwise stated).

The Oxford Energy Colloquia –  Trinity Term, 2019.

Week 1 – Tuesday, 30 April – Professor Cameron Hepburn

Opportunity in crisis: Ten surprising ways to use CO2 to produce valuable products at the gigatonne scale

Week 2 – Tuesday, 7 May – Professor Malcolm McCulloch

Project Leo (Local Energy Oxfordshire)

Week 3 – Tuesday, 14 May – Professor Charlotte Mitchell

Catalytic Activation of Carbon Dioxide to make Polymers and Fuels

Week 4 – Tuesday, 21 May – Dr Tina Fawcett

Energy sufficiency: living well, within the limits

Week 5 – Tuesday, 28 May – Professory Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Jonstone

Are UK attachments to nuclear power at least partly a military romance?

Week 6 – Tuesday, 4 June – No colloquia.

Week 7 – Tuesday, 11 June – Professor David Howey

Energy SuperHub Oxford (ESO)

Week 8 – Tuesday, 18 June – Dr Marilyn Brown

Empowering the great energy transition while fossil fuels are still abundant: The U.S. challenge

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