Achieving Net Zero International Conference 9-11 September 2019

This two-day conference spread over three days (half-day/full day/half-day) starting after lunch on Monday 9th September and concluding before lunch on Wednesday 11th September. The conference programme is inspired by the format of the Talanoa Dialogue.

Plenary sessions to be held in the Holywell Music Room. Parallel sessions to be held in Holywell Music Room and Oxford Martin School Lecture Theatre. Each session will be split into two parts: the first part will include 4 or 5 short talks (10 minutes each) to provide a launch point for the second part – a moderated discussion between the participants, aiming for a balance between researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

The outputs of the conference will include a series of targeted briefing documents (one from each session). These documents will summarise the issue being addressed in the session and the key outcomes of the discussion in terms of future research gaps and policy recommendations. A proposal is to be submitted for a Special Issue based on the conference’s outputs.