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Tue, 28 Nov: Phil Grunewald – Finding the balance – New System Flexibility with Storage and Demand Response



The UK government believes that a smart energy system with storage and demand response could save consumers up to £40bn by 2050. In this colloquium we will unpack the drivers behind the increasing need for flexibility and review the potential roles for electricity storage and demand response in addressing them. Interesting tensions between efficient and flexible uses of energy emerge.

About the speaker

Dr Philipp Grünewald leads the Flexibility theme at the Lower Carbon Futures group in the ECI. He holds an EPSRC Fellowship and is PI of the Meter Study (<>) on the understanding of household electricity use dynamics. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and Frank Jackson JRF at Oriel College, Oxford.

Despite much of his work being inter-disciplinary, Phil is an engineer at heart and by background. Phil obtained his first degree in Business Engineering from Wedel, Germany. For 10 years he worked on advanced laser processes for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. Phil holds an MSc in Sustainability Energy Futures from Imperial and did his UKERC funded PhD at Imperial’s Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT) on the future role of electricity storage, long before the topic became quite so popular.

Future energy colloquia

This is the last Energy colloquia for Michelmas Term.  Shortly we will announce a new series for Hilary Term, 2018


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