Energy Colloquia

Dr Marilyn A Brown

Empowering the great energy transition while fossil fuels are still abundant The U.S. challenge

Professor Andy Stirling

Dr Phil Johnstone

Are UK attachments to nuclear power at least partly a military romance

Professor Malcolm McCulloch

Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire)

Professor Cameron Hepburn

Opportunity in crisis Ten surprising ways to use CO2 to produce valuable products at the gigatonne scale

Dr Chris Case | Chief Technology Officer | Oxford PV
The case for solar?
Professor Deborah Greaves OBE FICE MRINA  Head of School | School of Engineering | University of Plymouth

Offshore Renewable Energy: Powering the future

Dr Sarah Darby. Acting leader of the Energy Programme at the Environmental Change Institute

Electricity demand management in a cool climate – a little theory and quite a lot of practice

Simon Pirani, Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Understanding fossil fuel consumption growth: why history matters

Nick Eyre, Professor of Energy and Climate Policy, Environmental Change Institute

Energy and the anthropcene MT 2018

Varun Sivaram, Philip D. Reed Fellow for Science and Technology at the Council on Foreign Relation, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA.

Taming the sun: innovations to harness solar energy and power the planet

Link to the video talk at the Oxford Martin School

Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter

Innovation and Governance of the GB Energy System: implications of decentralisation, decarbonisation, digitalisation and flexibility needs

Jonathan Stern, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), Oxford

European and Global Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable?

Ian S Metcalfe, School of Engineering, Newcastle University

Chemical energy storage – and how we can exploit it to improve energy conversion processes

Phil Grunewald

Finding the balance


Chris Llewellyn Smith


Pierre Altermatt

Solar cells made of crystalline silicon: successful mainstream thanks to intense research and development

Barbara Hammond

Let’s create energy we can feel good about for Oxfordshire and the UK

Andreas Loeschel

Status and Challenges of the German Energiewende

Simon Moores

Lithium ion battery supply chain in an energy storage revolution

Jens Madrian

Next Generation Grid Management

Benj Sykes

DONG Energy – from coal and oil to competitive offshore wind – the story of a global leader’s transformation

Henry Snaith

Photovoltaics: The present and future of mainstream and new perovskite solar energy technology

Stephen Heidari-Robinson

Energy policy seen from Number 10

Martin Williams

Energy futures, air pollution, and health

John Barrett

Invisible energy policy the role of materials and products in mitigating GHG emissions

Mark Shorrock

Tidal lagoons as a cornerstone of the UK energy sector

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Geothermal Energy: Present and Future

Tony Batchelor

Tony Title pageTony Batchelor

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Negative Emissions: Distilling the hope from the hype

Tim Kruger

7Negative Emissions 1.12.15Tim Kruger

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Financing Clean Energy

Cath Bremner

Cath BremnerCatherine-Bremner

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Concentrated Solar Power and Thermal Storage

Prof Nick Jelley

Nick JelleyNick Jelley

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Grid and Supergrid – designing an electrical future

Eddie O’Connor Prof Peter Bruce FRS

Hear his inspirational talk, read his transcript and view the slides.



Can electrochemical energy storage save renewables?

Prof Peter Bruce, FRS


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Energy and Green Growth

Cameron Hepburn

Hepburn_SlideCameron Hepburn
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Future Nuclear – do we need Generation IV or Fusion?

Steve Cowley

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Shale Gas – Game changer or Sideshow?

Joe Cartwright


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Shale Gas Developments in the US, Europe and China

Howard Rogers

15_01_RogersHoward Rogers

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Opportunity to act: making smart decisions in a time of low oil prices

Maria van der Hoeven

Executive Director, International Energy Agency

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