Carbon Innovation Programme 2016/17 Projects

room-booking-team-smallHeatSync (Successful)

In the winter, rooms are heated even though they might be empty. By using smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), the room booking system and a presence sensor rooms can be heated prior and during meetings and not when rooms are empty.

Project team

Yoav Gross, Justin Falcone, Zsuzsa Mayer – Departmental Sponsor: Alex Black

img_4609_29839804194_oSustainability 101  (Successful)

It was identified that there is no induction to sustainability at the University when staff and students arrive to work in departments. This team are looking into developing materials and methods to deliver a training programme to induct people and create behavioural change.

Project team

Allison Reilly, Raphael, Johanna, Sydney, Anthony Mtitimila – Departmental Sponsor: Sue Henderson

img_1234Tubney House Biomass Boiler  (Successful)

Biomass at Tubney House. Tubney house is not near the gas grid and is currently running off Kerosene. There is a possibility that moving to biomass might be more cost effective and reduce the carbon emissions of that site. They might also be able to look at integrating the already present solar themal technology.

Project team

The University of Oxford Climate Society working with Dawn Burnham from Tubney House.

Climate Society: Dom Oliver, Julian Godding (Lead), Alice Boyd, Martha Samano, Assia Tajerka, Ricky Sengapta – Departmental Sponsor: Dawn Burnham

img_0618Electric van for the Bodleian Book Storage Facility (Successful)

The Bodlean Bookstore at Swindon use Diesel vans to transport the books to the localised libraries in the city centre. The team would like to buy an electric van. This could remove 5 tonnes of carbon a year as well as offering large savings to the department. This project will be a joint funding bid.

Project team

Adam Bows, Edward Peter Adcock, Michael Williams, Lindsay Fairns – Departmental Sponsor: Boyd Rodger


img_4609_29839804194_oUpgrade in IT server equipment (Not taken to poster stage)

IT server equipment moves on quickly and as a result there may be more efficient equipment available. The IT equipment in the School of Geography and Environment (Dyson Perrins Building) will be reviewed to see if there is an opportunity.

Project team

Oxford Climate Society: Dom Oliver, Julian Godding, Alice Boyd, Martha Samano, Assia Tajerka, Ricky Sengapta – Departmental Sponsor: Alex Black

gamificationGamification (Not taken to poster stage)

Gamification – Using a phone app game the team hope to create a interactive game that will encourage staff and students to  engage with the carbon emission issues on the estate.

Project team

Dom Oliver, Cem Idil – Project not progressed

image2Green Impact Set-up (Not taken to poster stage)

The estates and maintenance team at Said Business School at looking at opportunities within their building. They intend to train up one of their team as a sustainability expert and launch a Green Impact team.

Project team

Said Business School Maintenance Team – Departmental Sponsor: Roger Essex