7th annual Oxford Energy Day | Digital Change and Energy | Programme and slides

Keynote: Laurence Carpanini.
Director Smarter Energy Solutions, Europe at IBM

Digitisation and Disruption: a catalyst for innovation?

Session 01: Digital change and energy consumers  

Fabienne Dischamps, DCC, Delivering the smart meter programme
Howard Porter, CEO BEAMA, Technology for a smarter system
David Ferguson, EDF Energy, Smart technology for consumers

Session 02: Digital change and the electricity network 

Eric Brown    ESC, Towards a smart grid
Nigel Turvey Western Power Distribution, Managing increased variability
Jens Madrain_Reactive Technology, New genera Grid Optimisation 

Session 03: Digital change in energy markets and regulation

Paul Massara_Electron, Blockchain
Maxine Frerk University of Oxford, Charging for the network