Profile picture in black and white of Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair of Materials

Storage: Batteries, including new electrode and electrolyte materials, interfaces, mechanisms
Transport: Batteries
Electricity Networks: Storage

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Profile picture in black and white of Tina Fawcett

Tina Fawcett

Senior Researcher and Acting Deputy Leader, ECI Energy Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: UK & EU, energy demand, personal carbon trading, equity, fuel poverty
Demand and Efficiency: Households, non-domestic sectors, technology, behaviour

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Profile picture in black and white of Cameron Hepburn

Cameron Hepburn

Professor of environmental economics

Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate change, emissions trading, carbon taxes, local pollutants, integrated assessment
Electricity Networks: Security of supply, cost and economics, global modelling;
Demand and Efficiency: National energy systems in China, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia.

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Radhika Khosla

Senior Researcher

Dr Radhika Khosla is the Research Director of the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development and Research Fellow at Somerville College.

She is a Senior Researher at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, School of Geography and the Environment.

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Profile picture in black and white of Bruce Levell

Bruce Levell

Visiting Professor

Fossil Fuels: Resource availibility and location
Storage: Sub-surface
Economics, Policy & Politics: Incumbent energy companies and their role in the energy transition

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James Marrow

James Martin Professor of Energy Materials

Nuclear: Materials degradation and materials for Generation IV fission and fusion.

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Profile picture in black and white of Malcolm McCulloch

Malcolm McCulloch

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Transport: electric motors, power train, well to wheels analysis
Electricity Networks: monitoring stress on the grid
Storage: thermal
Energy in Developing Countries: smart user-centric local systems

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Profile picture in black and white of Tim Schwanen

Tim Schwanen

Professor in Transport Studies and Human Geography and Director of the Transport Studies Unit

Transport: Behaviour change, sociotechnical transition, and innovation in the field of transport.

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Profile picture in black and white of Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Professor of Plant Sciences

Bioenergy: Stress-tolerant crop plants, novel biomass sources, and energy conversion efficiency.

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Profile picture in black and white of Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt

RCUK Academic Fellow

Solar: Colloial quantum dot, chalcogenides, metal oxides, organic, solution processing, vaccum deposition, transparent conductors, thin film deposition, nanoparticle synthesis

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Profile picture in black and white of Richard Willden

Richard Willden

Associate Professor

Marine: Tidal energy devices, farm planning and yield analysis, basin modelling
Fossil Fuels: Offshore engineering and deep water risers

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