The WICKED team combines expertise in maths, energy use, organisational behaviour, computing, law, engineering, and physics.


Professor Peter Grindrod  (WICKED Principal Investigator) is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute. His research field is mathematics underpinning analytics for big data within large-scale consumer-facing sectors. He works on classification, inference, forecasting, and modelling problems within consumer/customer behaviour and dynamics and on peer-to-peer communication networks. He applies this with many commercial partners within a number of sectors including: energy demand, digital media and advertising, retail and consumer goods, mobile phone operations and mobile banking, and cognitive systems dynamics. Outside of academia Pete has founded three successful analytics companies (Numbercraft Ltd, Cignifi Inc, and Counting Lab Ltd).

KATY_squareDr Kathryn Janda (WICKED Co-Investigator and Research Director) is a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.  She is a socio-technical scholar with more than 20 years of experience focusing on the relationship between energy, buildings, people, and policy. Relevant research includes investigations of energy efficiency and ownership across commercial property portfolios, comparative work on carbon reduction in commercial real estate in the US and UK, and a “building communities” perspective in the non-domestic sector, co-developed with Sue Bright and others (Axon et al, 2012). Katy serves on steering committees for DECC research into energy use in non-domestic buildings and an MP-led Westminster Sustainable Business Forum inquiry into the uptake of energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings.


Dr David Wallom (WICKED Co-Investigator) is the Associate Director for Innovation at the Oxford e-Research Centre. He leads three different activities for OeRC: Energy and ICT, Cloud Computing and Volunteer Computing. He has been an investigator in over 25 research projects in areas such as cloud utilisation, smart energy grids, research data management, green IT, ICT security and institutional repositories. His work in energy has focused on smart grid technological support via cutting edge e-infrastructure technologies.

SueProfessor Susan Bright (WICKED Co-Investigator) is Professor of Land Law and MacGregor Fellow at the University of Oxford, as well as a solicitor and part-time Judge. She has published several articles in Conveyancer, The International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, and Property Law that discuss the opportunities and challenges for improving the environmental performance of tenanted commercial properties, with a particular focus on green leases and the Carbon Reduction Commitment. She was a keynote speaker at a Symposium on best leasing practice in Sydney, Australia, and has contacts with a number of professionals within the commercial property sector. She has recently completed research examining the use of green clauses in registered leases of office and retail premises in England and Wales and developed a methodology that can be used for future research (Bright & Dixie, 2014). With Katy Janda and others, she has co-authored research that brings together both the physical and the social sciences of energy use in buildings (Axon et al, 2012).

malcolm Dr Malcolm McCulloch (WICKED Co-Investigator) heads the Energy and Power Group in the Department of Engineering at the University of Oxford. His research interests include smart feedback using non-intrusive load identification, real time identification of network stress from the consumer pcc and the coupling of electrical and thermal energy systems for demand side management. He has written Suricatta, a simulation environment that models loads to distribution networks. Malcolm is a co- founder of three companies: Navetas Energy Management, Yasa Motors and Kepler Enegy. He has over 75 journal papers and 15 patents.

RussellDr Russell Layberry (WICKED Co-Investigator) is a Senior Researcher in the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.  He is a computational physicist who has worked in environmental applications for over 15 years and in energy specifically for 8 years. His work involves modeling of energy use at the building and stock level (domestic and non-domestic), energy analytics, energy management and energy management tools.  Russell designs building energy management software and energy monitoring equipment.  He spun-out an energy management software provider and consultancy in 2011 from ISIS, Oxford University’s technology transfer office (http://www.pilio-ltd.com/). This followed on from work directly funded by EPSRC and NERC.  Russell recently won 2 grants from the Imperial College-led KIC-Climate programme for commercially viable products in vehicle engine monitoring and smart metering in SMEs.

Ramon_1 Ramon Granell (WICKED Research Assistant) is a Research Associate at the Oxford e-Research Centre.  His research interests are broadly in the application of machine learning and data mining in the area of energy. One of his current main research topics is the clustering of electricity load profiles with both Bayesian and frequenstist algorithms. He has also worked in analysing and predicting which businesses would obtain economic benefit when they change from static tariffs to dynamic tariff. He previously worked in statistical pattern recognition techniques applied to computational linguistics.

JuliaJulia Patrick (WICKED Research Assistant) is a Research Associate based at the Law Faculty and Environmental Change Institute (ECI).  Within WICKED, her research focus is on organisational practices and legal infrastructures (including green leases). She has a BA Hons in Law and an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford. She has worked as a researcher at the ECI and freelance consultant on a range of energy issues including Oxfordshire’s green economy and energy management in the commercial sector. She also helped set up the Oxford-based Low Carbon Hub and previously worked in private legal practice, at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the European Commission (DG Competition). Her freelance portfolio has included work with Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Low Carbon Oxford and ClientEarth.

Jenny Hu (WICKED administrator) is an Administrator for the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM).


Thank you to our project advisory group for their support and advice:

Andrew Bolitho; British Retail Consortium
Chris Botten; Better Buildings Partnership
Patrick Brown; British Property Federation
Tim Dixon‎‎;  School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading
Sarah Meagher; Department of Energy and Climate Change
Jonathan Reynolds; Oxford Institute for Retail Management
John Scott; Chiltern Power Ltd.

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