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People: Electricity Networks

Alessandro Abate

Professor of Verification and Control

Demand and Efficiency: demand response
Electricity networks: micro grids, smart buildings
Solar: populations of photovoltaic panels

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Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair of Materials

Contact Person Storage
Storage: Batteries, including new electrode and electrolyte materials, interfaces, mechanisms
Transport: Batteries
Electricity Networks: Storage

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Elizabeth Chatterjee

Examination Fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: decision-making in the Indian power sector
Energy in Developing Countries: political economy of Indian electricity
Electricity Networks: liberalization in developing countries

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Sarah Darby

Senior Researcher and deputy leader, Lower Carbon Futures group

Economics, Policy & Politics: Customer-utility relations, fuel poverty
Electricity Networks: Smart meter rollout
Demand and Efficiency: Residential demand, energy advice programmes, consumption feedback, and social learning

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Bill David

Professor of Chemistry

Storage: Hydrogen and ammonia storage with a particular emphasis on lightweight, reversible systems. Modelling ionic diffusion in hydrogen storage systems, batteries and fuel-cell electrodes.
Transport: Hydrogen provision for fuel-cell electric vehicles
Electricity Networks: Chemical storage based on hydrogen

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Nick Eyre

Professor of Energy and Climate Policy

Contact Person Demand and Efficiency

Leader, ECI Energy Research Programme: Lower Carbon Futures

Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy efficiency and demand reduction policy, multi-scalar governance, market based instruments, carbon markets, UK energy policy, community and local projects

Electricity Networks: Energy efficiency obligations and feed-in tariffs, demand response and reduction in capacity markets;

Demand and Efficiency: Energy demand in all sectors, socio-technical approaches; policy interventions.


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Helen Gavin

Programme Manager and Knowledge Exchange Researcher for Renewable Energy

Dr Helen Gavin is a sustainability professional, passionate about renewable energy and water resources.

Following a PhD in wetland hydrology, Helen became a Chartered Environmental Scientist with has more than 18 years of professional experience in quantitative environmental issues, that span water resources, hydroecology, hydropower, onshore wind energy projects, and more. She has audited water companies for ~10 years on greenhouse gas and renewable energy production as well as other topics. She has covered a range of roles including technical specialist, auditor and programme manager.

At the same time, Helen managed the multi-disciplinary research programme evaluating the risk and impact of drought and water scarcity in the UK, MaRIUS, working closely alongside the PI, Professor Jim Hall at the University of Oxford, and numerous industry practitioners and stakeholders. A key aspect was to ensure the outputs can be used by people working in the management of drought and water scarcity: see here for free data and outputs.

Currently, she is focusing on her passion for renewable energy. Helen has renovated her house to be as low carbon as possible, with rooftop solar panels that power the house, heat water and charge her electric car. Next step will be to remove the gas boiler and be completely fossil fuel free….

As Manager and Knowledge Exchange researcher of the Programme to Integrate Renewable Energy, Helen bring the results and findings of the programme an associated project to new audiences, and fosters a culture of collaborative working between academia and practitioners.

Get in touch if you want to know more. Why not subscribe to her monthly newsletter on renewable energy?

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Peter Grindrod

Professor of Mathematics

Contact Person Electricity Networks
Electricity Networks: Smart meters and low voltage networks
Demand and Efficiency: consumer segregation and response and real time forecasting.

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Philipp Grünewald

EPSRC Fellow

Demand and Efficiency: demand response, load profiles, flexibility
Economics, Policy & Politics: low carbon transition, strategic policy development
Electricity Networks: integration of low carbon sources, curtailment, reinforcement
Storage: techno-economic modelling in future systems, market and system value, stakeholder attitudes, policy and regulation

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Robert Hahn

Director of Economics

Economics, Policy & Politics: U.S. energy politics, political economy of climate change
Electricity Networks: Understanding the politics and economics of smartgrids
Demand & Efficiency: Assessing ways to “nudge” behaviour in desired directions
Transport: Political economy of alternative fuels and infrastructure development

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Cameron Hepburn

Professor of environmental economics

Contact Person Economics, Policy & Politics
Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate change, emissions trading, carbon taxes, local pollutants, integrated assessment
Electricity Networks: Security of supply, cost and economics, global modelling;
Demand and Efficiency: National energy systems in China, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia.

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Anouk Honoré

Senior Research Fellow

Fossil Fuels: Natural gas
Demand and Efficiency: Gas supply and demand fundamentals
Economics, Policy & Politics: Energy and environmental policies in Europe
Electricity Networks: Gas for power, fuel mix
Energy in Developing Countries: Gas in Latin America.

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Dr Debbie Hopkins

Research Centre: Centre for Innovation and Energy Demand, Transport Studies Unit

Transport: transport and mobility, energy and climate change
Associate Editor: Journal of Sustainable Tourism

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Christian N Jardine

Senior Researcher

Economics, Policy & Politics: broad energy policy, promoting microgeneration, feed-in tariffs
Electricity Networks: integration of microgeneration, demand side management, time of day tariffs and pricing
Energy in Developing Countries: microgenertion, off-grid, micro-grids
Demand & Efficiency: domestic and commercial
Solar: technologies, economics, markets, policy mechanisms, technology learning, spinout: Joju Solar

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Angus Johnston

Professor of Law

Economics, Policy & Politics: Legal requirements, law and policy on electricy markets
Fossil Fuels: Law and decision-making
Nuclear: Subsidies and legal rules
Storage: Legal rules and regulators
Demand and Efficiency: Legal regimes, rules and incentives
Solar: Rules and policies

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Colin Johnston

Senior Research Fellow

Transport: advanced power trains, power electronics, batteries, high temperature electronics, electronic packaging
Storage: electrochemical, scalable processing, capacitors, supercaps
Electricity Networks: power electronics

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Tim Kruger

James Martin Fellow, Oxford Geoengineering Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Geoengineering, carbon pricing
Marine: Ocean alkalinity enhancement
Nuclear: Storing nuclear heat
Electricity Networks: energy storage
Storage: ‘Chemical pump storage’
Bioenergy: Reducing water requirements for biofuel production

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Marta Kwiatkowska

Professor of Computing Systems

Electricity Networks: Modelling and predictive analysis for smart-grid
Demand and Efficiency: Modelling and quantitative verification and detailed analysis of energy usage

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Russell Layberry

Senior Researcher in Energy Modelling

Transport: Electric vehicles, engine monitoring
Electricity Networks: Smart grid
Demand and Efficiency: Energy use in buildings, energy monitoring and management

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Kostas Margellos

Associate Professor (Control Engineering)

Demand and Efficiency: Distributed energy management in building networks. Optimal charging control of electric vehicles.
Electricity Networks: Stochastic optimal power flow and unit commitment
Energy Economics: Pricing in demand response mechanisms


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Malcolm McCulloch

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Transport: electric motors, power train, well to wheels analysis
Electricity Networks: monitoring stress on the grid
Storage: thermal
Energy in Developing Countries: smart user-centric local systems

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Alex Money

Programme Director

Economics, Policy & Politics: business decision-making
Networks: innovative solutions to the challenge of insufficient investment in infrastructure
Solar: models for utility-scale solar powered electricity
Energy in Developing Countries: models for utility-scale solar power deployment

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Charles Monroe


Storage and Transport

Demand and Efficiency

Electricity Networks: storage for potential applications to grids in response to increasing penetration of renewables

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Michael A. Osborne

Dyson Associate Professor in Machine Learning

Electricity Networks: Smart Electricity Tariffs and Load Shifting
Storage: Machine Learning Approaches to Battery Management
Solar: Solar Photo-voltaic Prediction

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Rahmat Poudineh

Lead Research Fellow

Economics, policy, politics, law and regulation: Electricity market, contracts, renewable policy, energy sector reform and market liberalisation
Electricity networks: Regulation of electricity networks, quantitative analysis of investment and efficiency, regulatory model for grid investment, business model of network companies
Demand and Efficiency: Demand side flexibility, demand response

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John Rhys

Senior research fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: Climate and energy policy issues, the role of governments and markets, the social cost of CO2 emissions, electricity market reform, ‘Fit for purpose’ markets with low carbon technologies, institutional and market structures
Energy in Developing Countries: institutional and regulatory reforms; cost and tariff issues
Electricity Networks: redefining utility business models; balancing generation and consumer loads in a  low carbon world

john.rhys@ouce.ox .ac.uk
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Stephen Roberts

Professor of Machine Learning

Electricity Networks: Smart grids, distributed control, appliance disaggregation, energy usage profiling and prediction.

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David Robinson

Senior Research Fellow

Economics, Policy & Politics: Microeconomics, market design, regulation, privatisation, global energy and climate change governance
Electricity Networks: Decarbonisation, smart grids, markets, network regulation
Energy in Developing Countries: Market design, renewable deployment, climate change policy and geopolitical relations
Demand and Efficiency: Demand-side response in decarbonised electricity systems
Solar: Distributed generation in developed and developing countries

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Dan Rogers


Electricity Networks: Power electronic systems for smart girds; high-voltage direct current transmission systems and converters.

Storage and Transport: Grid interfaces for large-scale energy storage systems, battery management systems

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Anupama Sen

Senior Research Fellow & Executive Director, Electricity Programme

Economics, Policy & Politics: Auctions, pricing, taxation, fiscal regimes, regulation, resource allocation for oil, natural gas and electricity
Energy in Developing Countries: Electricity sector reforms in India
Electricity Networks
Fossil Fuels

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James Taylor

Professor in Decision Science

Marine: Wind power forecasting
Demand and Efficiency: Electricity demand forecasting, weather ensemble predictions
Electricity Networks: Electricity demand and price forecasting, and forecasting for smart grids.

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David Wallom

Associate Professor & Associate Director - Innovation

Electricity Networks: Distribution Network operational enhancement
Demand and Efficiency: Demand Management, consumer energy utilisation, ICT system efficiency

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