5th Annual Oxford Energy Conference

Monday 13 June 2016

9:30am – 6pm

The Mathematics Institute, Oxford, OX2 6GG

The overall energy system deserves more attention. Discussions of energy tend to focus on electricity and transport. Heat is often neglected, although globally as much primary energy is used to provide heat as electricity (some 40% in both cases, twice as much as powers transport). Decarbonising heat will be especially difficult, and – with the likely electrification of transport – will have a major impact on electricity demand (especially the peak). Meanwhile electrity supply, distribution and markets will have to accommodate increasingly diversified sources (many intermittent) and changing demands. Better understanding of the whole system (customer engagement, demand, heat, transport, electricity supply and distribution) is required. Open questions include how to cost, allocate and charge for whole system benefits, and how to design markets and incentives that will drive the system towards relatively low-cost sustainable configurations. Speakers will address the implications of likely future developments for energy systems, challenge assumptions that underlie scenarios for future demand and supply, and identify known and hitherto unrecognised unknowns that could have major impacts.

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University of Oxford staff and students

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External participants

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Draft Programme

Coffee/tea will be available from 9.30. The meeting will start promptly at 10.00.

Introduction & welcome – Chris Llewellyn Smith (Oxford)

Energy Outlook

Global – Martin Haigh (Shell)
Alternative UK scenarios – Geoff Hammond (Bath)
From Global to Local: a transition – Juliet Davenport (Good Energy)


Outlook for efficient buildings and energy systems – Bob Lowe (UCL)
CHP and District Heating – Morten Jordt Duedahl (Danish Board of District Heating)
Panel – members will include Keith McLean (Energy Research Partnership) and Jeremy Nicholson (Energy Intensive Users Group) as well as Bob Lowe and Morten Jordt Duedahl


Future of transport and energy – Jillian Anable (Leeds)
Is electrification the ‘solution’? – Gernot Spiegelberg (Siemens)



Flexibility in thermal generation – Matt Sykes (EDF)
Storage – Phil Grunewald (Oxford)
Issues for the grid – Duncan Burt (National Grid)


Challenges for business models – Jeff Hardy (Grantham Institute)
Panel – members will include Matthew Bell (Committee on Climate Change), Tony Cocker (E.ON) and Nick Winser (Energy Systems Catapult).


If you have any questions please contact Freya Stanley-Price